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Toyota's System of Active Stability

Toyota System of Active Stability: Speed reduction when cornering

Did you know that all of our engine-powered and electric forklift trucks are equipped with the Toyota System of Active Stability? More commonly known as SAS, this is the only active safety system fitted to forklift trucks as standard and includes a series of features which control the stability of the truck and load when lifting, driving and cornering. These features work together to ensure that the truck, load and more importantly the driver are safe at all times.

One of the features included in SAS is speed reduction when cornering, available on the Traigo electric 3-wheeled forklift trucks.

What does it do?

This system works by reducing the risk of sideways tip over, which is the cause of 30% of serious forklift accidents. If a truck is going too fast around a corner particularly with a load, the truck can easily tip over. Speed reduction when cornering helps to avoid accidents, keeping drivers safe and equipment in excellent working condition.

How does it do it?

Speed reduction when cornering senses when the turning speed of the truck is too high and overrides the driver’s instructions which automatically slows the truck to keep the wheels and load in the proper position.

We’ll be publishing a blog on each feature of SAS in the future. If you’d like to know more about the Toyota System of Active Stability in the meantime, you can call 0370 850 1409 or visit our SAS web page

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