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Toyota Tonero gas powered forklift truck

Toyota System of Active Stability: Focus on Mast Tilt Angle Control

Did you know that all of our engine-powered and electric forklift trucks are equipped with the Toyota System of Active Stability? More commonly known as SAS, this is the only active safety system fitted to forklift trucks as standard and includes a series of features which control the stability of the truck and load when lifting, driving and cornering. These features work together to ensure that the truck, load and more importantly the driver are safe at all times.

One of the features included in SAS is mast front tilt angle control. Now that may seem overly technical, however we’re here to give you so information about it, without any technical jargon.

What does it do?

First and foremost, this system works when loads are being lifted to make sure that the weight of the load does not compromise the stability of the truck. Heavy loads in particular can affect a trucks centre of gravity if they are moved too far away from the base of the truck. When a mast is tilted forward, the load is gradually being moved away from the forklift chassis and if this movement is not regulated it could cause the truck and load to tip forwards.

How does it do it? (The techy bit)

Mast front tilt angle control monitors the height of the load and the position of the mast using a series of sensors. If necessary, it will then automatically limit the mast front tilt angle to help protect the driver and load. This helps to reduce the risk of injury to your drivers and also the limits the potential for damaging property and loads, supporting lower operating costs.

We’ll be publishing a blog on each feature of SAS in the future. If you’d like to know more about the Toyota System of Active Stability in the meantime, you can call 0370 850 1409 or visit our SAS web page

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