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LWE130 used in transport

To power or not to power - that is the question?

It may seem like a simple decision, but I think even Shakespeare would have pondered this. Choosing whether to buy a manual hand pallet truck or an electric powered pallet truck is not always an easy one. There are many different factors that can influence your choice. So if you have this decision to make, ask yourself the following questions.
Powered pallet truck vs hand pallet truck

How big is your building?

Larger warehouses usually mean longer travel distances and so electric is a better solution, so you can work quicker and stop your employees getting so tired.


Size of the load

If your load is tall, a powered pallet truck may be a safer option, as taller loads can cause a hand pallet truck to become unstable.


Floor conditions

Hand pallet trucks work well on smooth, flat surfaces. But if you have any ramps or inclines in your operation – a hand pallet truck may be too much strain for your operators, so powered will be better (and strain can mean pain for your operators and absence levels).


Your operator

Hand pallet trucks require more physical effort (unless you have one our unique BT Pro Lifters). So consider the physical characteristics of your operators and the level of support they need.


Hand pallet trucks are cheaper to buy, cheaper to service (yes they do need servicing), require no charging and can last a lifetime (if you buy one from Toyota), but they do require more effort from the operator and may not be as efficient (so you may not move as much).

Powered pallet trucks area larger higher investment, but because you can move pallets quicker and with less effort, plus there is less risk of injury to the operator, in the longer term they may pay off.

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