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BT Optio OSE250 order picking truck in warehouse

Take your pick! An introduction to the BT Optio OSE250 Remote order picking truck

In a typical order picking environment, todays operations are placed under increased demand to meet order fulfilment rates. We appreciate that in turn one of the ways this can be achieved is through the efficiency of order picking equipment, which is why we have developed the BT Optio OSE250 Remote order picking truck.


OSE250 order picker with t-mote

In this blog post, we’re going to tell you a bit more about it.

How does it work?

The OSE250 Remote uses a remote control function and scanner known as T-Mote. This operates via Bluetooth technology and allows you to operate the truck remotely. You simply pair the remote to the truck and when you’re ready to go the scanner maintains the trucks position in aisle!

How does it benefit operators?

By operating the truck remotely, you can improve the productivity of your order picking. Standard order picking applications employ what is known as a ‘man to goods’ activity. We can further break this down into 7 elements of the process:

  1. Drive the truck to the picking location

  2. Step off the truck

  3. Walk to goods

  4. Pick the required goods

  5. Place the picked items onto the load carrier

  6. Walk back to the truck

  7. Drive the truck to the next picking location

When operating the BT Optio OSE250 in remote drive mode, you can walk alongside the truck whilst it advances (under your control). This then allows you to pick goods and place them on the truck without having to continuously step on and off it to move to the next picking location. This can increase the amount of goods picked per shift which ultimately improves your operational productivity.

What safety features does the OSE250 use?

To ensure that the OSE250 can be operated safely in remote drive mode it is fitted with a proximity scanner. This scanner works in two ways; it automatically stops the truck if an obstruction is detected in front of it, but also maintains the trucks distance away from the racking it is moving alongside. Along with this scanner, there are also visible beacons which warn other team members that the truck is being operated in remote drive mode and like all of our automated warehouse trucks; it can be operated as a standard truck too.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of operating the BT Optio OSE250 remote order picking truck please call 0370 850 1409 today.

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