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Prepare for your peak with short term hire from Toyota

Do you struggle to cope with increased demand and unexpected or seasonal busy periods? It may be that short term hire from Toyota is for you!

Short term hire is the process of hiring materials handling equipment, from just one day, a week or several months. Our short term hire fleet consists of an extensive range of counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse equipment; forklift attachments and additional batteries are also available. At short notice, or in advance: we are flexible, so you can react quickly and always be prepared for unexpected demand. We can also help you prepare for seasonal periods where demand is expected to be higher, but make sure you contact us in plenty of time, particularly for the Christmas rush!

This, however, is not the only benefit of short term hire; it can be beneficial to a range of situations:

Emergency replacement

If your truck has broken down and is out of action, while it is being repaired or serviced, a short term hire replacement can be booked in to ensure your operation is kept up and running.

Product evaluation

Looking at changing your trucks? Short term hire will give you the chance to fully evaluate a specific model before committing to a long rental agreement.

Operational changes

Is your business going through operational changes? Maybe moving to a different location? Short term hire could give you the flexibility to decide when, where and how long you need support.

Financial flexibility

With short term hire there are no long-term terms and conditions, so it can give you financial flexibility.

Specific requirements

Do you require a truck only once or twice year? Short term hire may be the answer!


For more information about short term hire click here or call 0370 850 1403 today.

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