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Woman using hand pallet truck in warehouse

Buy online, anytime

More and more customers are buying online, take a look at our online store in which you can purchase hand pallet trucks and powered pallet trucks quickly and easily and have them delivered straight to your door.

E-Commerce is big business and we mean BIG.

It’s something that you probably take part in on a weekly basis, whether it’s buying your shopping at Sainsbury’s, buying a new shirt from Next or even getting a replacement washing machine on AO (Expert Logistics). It’s changing the face of retail across the world and it’s something that is definitely changing the landscape of B2B buying.

In the past two and a half years we have seen, not single… or double… but triple digit growth on our online shop shop.toyota-forklifts.co.uk and it isn’t showing signs of slowing any time soon.

Speed, price and ease of use are reasons people tell us they are changing their buying habits, but not only that, there is growing confidence that buying online is flexible and secure. Our customers know they can ‘buy online, any time’.

So to bring you up to date (if you didn’t already know about our online shop) here are our top three sellers on shop.toyota-forklifts.co.uk

1. BT Lifter LHM230

Our standard hand pallet truck. High quality, manufactured using the key principles of TPS and it comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. With next day delivery and a number of different wheel options, it’s genuinely a really safe pair of forks.


2. BT Lifter LHM230P

Patented technology means this hand pallet truck requires 67% less starting effort. A real life saver if manual handling is a problem in your operation.

3. BT Levio LWE130


Simple, safe, durable, lightweight and compact… we could carry on with the adjectives but you might also want to know that it has a plug in the wall charger, in vehicle charger option and fork pocket options.

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